Baby Bank Network Exeter

Baby Bank Network Exeter has been created to help alleviate child poverty in homes within a 30 mile radius of Exeter; to support families in need at times of financial and emotional stress.

The organisation serves to bring together health care professionals, charities, local businesses and members of the public to address the relief of poverty at a local level.

The Baby Bank is a simple yet effective idea. We collect good quality pre-loved and new baby items donated by members of our community and then re-distribute them to families in need, free of charge, via a referral system through their health visitors, social workers or support workers. The results of our service reduce parental stress, anxiety, reduce financial burden and depression. Improving mental health and allowing parents the ability to focus on other aspects of home life, in turn improves living environments for babies and children, allowing them to thrive.


We have a variety of tasks we need help with:

  • Creating links with local business other charities and local organisations
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Hosting events
  • Crowdfunding

Sustainability is our top priority by seeking funding and grants to continue and grow.


Check out our current Wishlist for items that we currently need. Our Wishlist is updated on our Facebook page each Monday. Please message us to book a donation spot.

We also have an amazon Wishlist, these items are sent directly to us using this link.

Please find a link at the top of our page for our donate now button. Any monetary donations are used to fund mattresses, bottle teats, nappies and toiletries. 


If you are a professional working directly with families and would like to become a referral partner, please register using this link.


We have volunteer opportunities here at the Baby Bank Network Exeter, so if you would like to share your skills, learn new skills, meet new people whilst helping local families then please get in touch.